Your Changeability
Everything is permanent until it changes.

We do know that the speed of change is accelerating by the minute, much of it being driven by technology. While we spend a fair amount of time and money updating our operating systems, smart phones and devices, we completely overlook the need to update our human systems, beliefs and habits. We get comfortable. We get stuck.

As life speeds up, so does the pace of change. We either adapt with ease or we painfully resist the inevitable. We stay stuck.

Some changes are our idea; we plan for them; we initiate them. We have a greater sense of control. Other changes sneak up on us catching us off guard. We may find ourselves in resistance, picking a fight with what is happening. And losing. Still Stuck.

How adaptable are you? Why does it matter? Here’s a quick quiz to give you a sense of your own adaptability, your changeability.

  1. When a change is looming, I tend to:
    a. Become curious and collect information to learn more.
    b. Withdraw. Wait. See.
    c. It depends.
  2. I find most kinds of personal change:
    a. Interesting. A possible avenue for personal improvement.
    b. Overwhelming. Annoying.
    c. It depends.
  3. When I’m asked to make a change in how I work or live, I tend to:
    a. Ask lots of questions to learn why.
    b. Push Back.
    c. It depends.
  4. I would like to become more agile. I would like to strengthen my
    adaptability, my changeability.
    a. Very much so.
    b. No way. I like how I am now. I like how my life works now.
    c. In some circumstances, it could help.

Your Responses:

If your responses tend toward “A” this indicates a willingness and an
openness to embrace inevitable change… even if you have no idea of the
impact on your present circumstances…even when you don’t have a clue as
to how to proceed. You are open to cooperating; you are open to the flow
of what is to come.

If your responses tend toward “B” this indicates a natural aversion to most
kinds of change, a resistance to what may become inevitable. It may feel
like change is being done “to you” rather than “with you.” You may find
yourself building a “fortress of future facts” for protection.

If your responses tend toward “C” this indicates a more situational and
circumspect stance. You are not change adverse, necessarily. You will have
a open-minded look at the situation and collect as much information as you
need to decide how to proceed.

None of these categories are inherently bad or good. We are simply
creating a skosh of self-awareness about our natural stance around the only
thing we can count on in life…..continuous change.


Jot down any insights about your relationship with personal change.
In what areas of your life do you feel stuck?
What kinds of changes would you most like to make to improve the quality of
your life and relationships?
How might the quality of your life improve by consistently strengthening your
capacity to initiate and lead yourself through all kinds of personal change?
Anything else you would like to say to yourself about change?

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