Meet Jeanne

Story Teller, Teacher, Mentor, Coach.

Entertaining. Engaging. Plain Spoken. Straight Shooter.
Combines common sense with the latest science on personal change.

About Jeanne –

Jeanne Gladden is a story teller, leadership coach, organizational consultant, co-founder of The Quality Coach and founder of Just Keep Growing. She is an expert in individual and organizational change and has served hundreds of organizations throughout the United States in for-profit and not-for-profit environments.
Jeanne has coached thousands of leaders and individuals, all of whom have one thing in common: They just want to keep growing. They want to increase their capacity to contribute to others and make a bigger difference. They want to live boldly and lead a life of joy and authenticity.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck or would like to increase your change-ability, we invite you to join our Just Keep Growing community. As your guide, Jeanne will coach and mentor you weekly in bite-size challenges delivered to your inbox. As you metabolize her wit and wisdom, you will strengthen your capacity to create the kind of life you wish to lead.

What folks are saying about working with Jeanne:

“We have two options. Step forward into growth or step backward into safety.”
-Abraham Maslow