Hello There and Welcome

I’m Jeanne Gladden. I’m a storyteller and your guide to the Just Keep Growing Adventure. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by. And I am excited that you’re just a bit curious about what we’re up to.

How would you like to upgrade your life? From a life of self-management to one of self-leadership? From a life of coping with change to a life of creating the changes you want to experience?

Here’s the deal.
We’re inviting you to join us on a path of continuous personal growth and transformation. We promise that your journey will be fun and fascinating. You will learn and unlearn. Learn new ways of seeing old things. Learn new practices. New habits. You will unlearn worn-out ways, practices and habits that are keeping you stuck.

What’s my part in all this as your faithful guide?
I tell stories with a point. A point that will smack you between the eyes and knock you plum conscious. Challenge you. Get you thinking. Get you moving in the direction of your dearest dreams. My stories come to your e-mail box once a week in consumable bits that you can metabolize, and take action on.

What about you? It’s your life. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be?

We’re curious about your dreams. What’s calling to you? What inspirations and aspirations are begging for your attention. Clamoring for a few minutes between loads of laundry, project deadlines, or your children’s activities. It is perfectly natural to want to grow, try something new, change it up, to contribute to others in a whole new way.

You may yearn to live a life of adventure sooner than later. You may crave more autotomy than our current work life allows. Your genie may be beating on the inside of the proverbial bottle, begging for just a single ray of sunlight.

We humans are meant to grow, to experience new adventures, small or large. We are built for continuous change. Even so, we can fall into a rut; we can get stuck in what pretends to be the safety of sameness or the precision of predictability. We standardize our life. Nothing wrong with this, until it begins to close in. Creep up. Stifle us.

No matter who we are, no matter what we’ve accomplished or have yet to accomplish, no matter our age or where we are in life, it’s 100% natural to dream of becoming a better, bolder version of ourselves. To aspire to new experiences. To listen to our heart, to yearn to share our gifts and talents for the greater good.
If any of this resonates with you, the Just Keep Growing community could be a fantastic fit.

Just Keep Growing is a virtual, vibrant community of engaging people who are committed to:

  • Becoming a more brilliant version of themselves
  • Leading a life of unlimited personal growth
  • Releasing limiting mindsets
  • Receiving and sharing inspiration
  • Experiencing the power of momentum
  • Becoming a bolder version of themselves

At Just Keep Growing, we love the notion of expanding and extending our impact and influence. We honor our accomplishments without letting them define us. We look forward while enjoying the present. We open ourselves up to receive support, mentoring and coaching as we resolve to lead our one, our only precious life. We identify obstacles and roadblocks that may slow us down or stop us cold.

What do you say? Are you ready to stop second guessing
yourself and get on with it?

Tap into Jeanne’s wit, wisdom and resources while enjoying the companionship, collegiality and collaboration of other adventurers, folks like you who are ready to create specific changes, who are ready to experience a fun and fulfilling life.

Your investment: less than $5 a week.

The Just Keep Growing Adventure Includes:

  • Weekly Just Keep Growing Stories, Lessons and Challenges delivered in one succinct and empowering message right to your in-box
  • A dedicated Facebook page to connect you with the supportive Just Keep Growing community
  • Coaching to cultivate empowering perspectives and practices
  • Links to thought leaders and behavioral scientists on personal change
  • Monthly Just Keep Growing coaching and collaborative sessions

Relax into a year of unlimited personal growth and adventure while increasing your capacity to create the changes you want to experience in life.

As You lead your life,
as you remember and reconnect with your gifts and talents
so you can free your own genie, your unique genius.

Imagine becoming a better, bolder version of yourself as you relax into a season of unlimited growth and adventure.

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