Could it Be More Magical?

Could it Be More Magical?

Insanely beautiful views and serious altitude. We’re just back from a
European adventure winding down in historic Lucerne, where we feasted
on the wild, beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps and indulged in bubbling
raclette, a delish Swiss dish, which we chased with a bit of Swiss chocolate.

Gratitude, gratitude to our dear friends, Hannes and Anni. Together we
packed a lot of vertical adventure into our short stay. The magnificent
snow-capped mountains. Stunning. Majestic blue lakes and lush meadows.
Breathtaking. The visual intensity and profound serenity leave me without
words. Just a lovely, peaceful feeling. No words.

Our hosts took us on a leisurely night time stroll through Old Lucerne. And
then a rainy-day hike through tiny mountain villages where we sipped a cup
of hot soup with friendly farmers and villagers. Trekking through tiny
villages with centuries-old buildings, ancient castles, churches, and bridges,
we had surely been dropped into our very own fairy tale. Once upon a
time…and happily ever after. Still pinching myself.

Oh, and did I mention Swiss chocolate? Chocolate is an essential part of
the daily Swiss diet. German, French, Italian, Romansch. These are the
languages spoken in Switzerland. So, I practiced saying “chocolate please”
in all four languages.

And yes, I plan to take yodeling lessons before returning.
Could it be more magical? I think not. RIP Matthew Perry.
Love, jeanne @