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Your One Thing

In one of my favorite movies, City Slickers, Mitch (Billy Crystal) sets out in search of the meaning of life. Mitch was in the midst of  what we called a midlife crisis in the nineties.  It was a thing.  Everybody was having them.  So greenhorn Mitch embarks on a cattle drive to contemplate the meaning of life.  Desperate for […]

New Vision

My left eye is preparing for surgery this afternoon.  Not on its own, of course.  I am cooperating.   As a long time glaucoma patient, I periodically have medical interventions to reduce the pressure on the optic nerve… to preserve my vision. And, today tiny stents will be inserted to relieve the pressure.    Ever so subtle, […]

Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude  The myths and lore around Thanksgiving are as plentiful as the number of side dishes we serve up.  Said to be based on colonial Pilgrims’ 1621 harvest meal, we stop everything and gather for a day of feasting, football, and family.  We express gratitude for the abundance we experience every other day of the year.  Just In case […]

Things Change

Things change. Frequently.  Things change. Continuously.  Things change. Again. And again. We don’t have a choice about that.  But we do have a choice about how we will respond to the infinite number of changes before us. Eva recently decided it was time to make a move.  She’s nearly 93 and fit as a fiddle, by most standards. Eva… I […]

Could it Be More Magical?

Could it Be More Magical? Insanely beautiful views and serious altitude. We’re just back from aEuropean adventure winding down in historic Lucerne, where we feastedon the wild, beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps and indulged in bubblingraclette, a delish Swiss dish, which we chased with a bit of Swiss chocolate. Gratitude, gratitude to our dear […]

Your Clothes Dryer & Your Brain

You’re chatting with someone, writing a letter, or simply having a lovelyconversation with yourself. You’re about to make a killer point. Ready.Aim. Oops. That brilliant thought of yours. Gone. Again. Evaporatinginto the mist of your mighty fine mind. A moment, please. Trying not to panic, you start with the clues.Sounds like, rhymes with. Nothing. Your […]

When Right is Wrong

I am decidedly decisive. I lean toward the Just Do It approach. 1 Decide Something. 2 Do Something. 3 Learn Something. 4 Re-do Something. 5 Repeat. As one of my favorite T-Shirts says, Bad Decisions Make Good Stories. I do seem to generate a lot of material, come to think of it.Being the ready, fire, […]

Growing through Grief

Posted on 9/20/2023 Our sweet cat, Gabby, died a couple of weeks ago. My head knows it is for the best. My heart begs to differ. Gabby came to us 13 years ago as an abandoned, terrified, kitten. We shared our space with her and she shared her grace with us. Along with her allure […]

Shanah Tovah, Happy New Year

Posted on 9/13/2023 My husband, Hank, is 99.9% percent Jewish according to his DNA results. That’spretty darned Jewish, I’d say. This fact means that we get to observe severalJewish holidays throughout the year, in addition to the Christian holidays.Rosh Hashana (The Jewish New Year, 5783) comes this week, just as summer givesway to fall. Back […]

Endings, Beginnings, Good Job

Labor Day marks the end of one season and the beginning of another. The transition from summer to fall. The holiday’s origin stems from the late 1800s when labor activists wanted a federal holiday to recognize workers’ contributions to the country.So, Labor Day was meant as a day of gratitude. A bit like Thanksgiving, but […]