Endings, Beginnings, Good Job

Labor Day marks the end of one season and the beginning of another. The transition from summer to fall. The holiday’s origin stems from the late 1800s when labor activists wanted a federal holiday to recognize workers’ contributions to the country.
So, Labor Day was meant as a day of gratitude. A bit like Thanksgiving, but different. A day to appreciate and to thank those whose jobs and contributions we depend upon to keep us
going…keep us growing.
My Dad was tuned in to the smallest of actions and attitudes from people who worked for him or with him. He made it a point to let them know that he noticed. That he appreciated their efforts. This applied to his family, as well. I was raised on generous helpings of “Good Job. Jeanne. Nice work.”
A couple of days before Dad passed, my folks’ car broke down on their way home from one of his life sustaining, diabolical dialysis treatments.
My folks were rescued from an unbearable August heatwave by the local police. Safe at home, Dad insisted they write the police department a proper thank- you letter. And, that’s exactly what Mom did a few days after his funeral.
Labor Day reminds us that we are surrounded and supported by workers who make it possible for us to “live long and prosper.”

Labor Day means more than just the end of another summer. It reminds us to be thankful for all workers and all service providers. Be on the look out for folks to appreciate. They will appreciate being appreciated. And, we will all “just keep growing” toward the light of specific and sincere gratitude.