New Vision

My left eye is preparing for surgery this afternoon.  Not on its own, of course.  I am cooperating.   
As a long time glaucoma patient, I periodically have medical interventions to reduce the pressure on the optic nerve… to preserve my vision. And, today tiny stents will be inserted to relieve the pressure.    Ever so subtle, each intervention gives me  a sense of improved vision, a bit more clarity, a better perspective. Without these kinds of interventions, I might continue to drive over the mini boulders randomly placed in my neighborhood for landscaping ambiance.  
As I prepare for today, I am reminded of the need to examine the lens through which we view life and everything pertaining.  Like my eyes, our vision can become cloudy, unclear.  Then every decision and action becomes a bit trickier. 
We can change the lens through which we view anything and everything by making a simple choice.  How we choose to view events and circumstances has everything to do with how we lead our own life.    A simple choice will do it.  It’s as simple as choosing chocolate or vanilla.  Not kidding.  Choose to lead your life boldly.  It is your life, afterall.  
We are so grateful to just keep growing at
love, jeanne