Things Change

Things change. Frequently. 

Things change. Continuously. 

Things change. Again. And again. 
We don’t have a choice about that.  But we do have a choice about how we will respond to the infinite number of changes before us.

Eva recently decided it was time to make a move.  She’s nearly 93 and fit as a fiddle, by most standards. 
Eva… I call her Mom… 

decided she was ready for a new lifestyle in an assisted living facility. Why? Because she wanted to.  

Her children and grandchildren followed her lead, each playing a critical role in helping to execute her plan.  
Change is not easy.   We either manage change or it will manage us.  
As the leader of our own life, we can choose to mobilize our resources and create change. We can choose to be at cause, rather than effect.  We can choose to change things. 

Be like Eva.  Lead your life boldly.  
We just keep growing at  
love, jeanne