When Right is Wrong

I am decidedly decisive. I lean toward the Just Do It approach.

1 Decide Something.
2 Do Something.
3 Learn Something.
4 Re-do Something.
5 Repeat.

As one of my favorite T-Shirts says, Bad Decisions Make Good Stories. I do seem to generate a lot of material, come to think of it.
Being the ready, fire, aim sort generally works for me, except when it comes to left and right. When I must decide between left or right, I choose wrong. Every. Single. Time.

My brain has scrambled left and right for my entire life. My brain thinks “left” and I veer “right.” Without hesitation. Without question. And with great determination. Never thinking that I might be wrong…again. My internal GPS is not to be trusted. Ever.

I head the wrong direction, chin up, with great enthusiasm at warp speed. Building up momentum, I am rudely surprised, shocked even, when it dawns on me that I might just have made another mistake. I descend into denial. “I surely couldn’t be wrong this time.” Could I?”

Depending upon who is with me or who is watching me, this can be very funny stuff. Or it can be annoying. Or a little bit of both. Like the time I got lost in Central Park on a rented bicycle without my phone. Or my credit card. Or cash. After claiming a park bench and planting myself on it, I was saved by the kindest, cutest rickshaw driver.

Is there a point to my little confession?

Why, yes. There is.
What happens when right isn’t right for you?
When you discover that you’re once again heading off in the wrong
Do you keep going, build up momentum, and hope for the best? Or, do you recalibrate? How natural, how easy, is it for you to pivot? To change directions?
What does GPS have to teach us about re-grouping? About returning to or getting on the right path?

Life is full of dead ends, abysses, and glorious adventures.

You make up your mind. You take off. Then things get murky and messed up. Do you stay the course, letting your need to be right send you careening into the abyss? Or, do you lighten up a bit, remember your intended destination and hit refresh?

Can we learn to make peace with our infallibility? What if recognizing & owning our imperfection opens up a whole new field of possibility?

Discuss amongst yourself. Go!