Your Clothes Dryer & Your Brain

You’re chatting with someone, writing a letter, or simply having a lovely
conversation with yourself. You’re about to make a killer point. Ready.
Aim. Oops. That brilliant thought of yours. Gone. Again. Evaporating
into the mist of your mighty fine mind.

A moment, please. Trying not to panic, you start with the clues.
Sounds like, rhymes with. Nothing. Your neuro train derails, leaving
you stranded. Again.

Because your brain has a short little span of attention and joy to the
fishes in the deep blue sea, you move on. On to a new brain train.
Destination? Dunno.

Enroute to Destination Dunno, you relax a bit. Take a deep breath.
Enjoy the scenery. Let go of needing to know. And suddenly a new
thought pops up. You like it. A lot. You vow never to lose it. Never to
let it go. From madness to gladness in a mere 30 seconds.

I have noticed that our brain operates a bit like the lint trap in our clothes dryer. What happens when you fail to clean your lint trap?

Best case, the dryer’s motor wears out. Worst case, the motor catches fire.

And, I know you would never risk that.
You clean out that trap as if your family’s life depends on it. Don’t you?

As humans, our assumptions, thought patterns, our go-to solutions and
habits accumulate allowing us to function. Predictably. And, that’s a
good thing. But, what happens when we fail to question our habitual
thoughts, our old paradigms, our favorite solutions?

Best case. Our thinking jams up. Our performance suffers. Worst Case.
Our brains break or catch on fire. Metaphorically, of course.
I make it a daily practice to surface and eliminate obsolete thought
patterns, paradigms, and general B.S. As I clear out the mental lint, I
tend to look at old situations in new ways. I make better decisions,
experience better outcomes. I practice letting go of old stuff on
purpose. Stuff that when allowed to accumulate, slows down my brain,
or worse, burns down my barn.

What’s in your lint trap?

No need to analyze. Just let it go. And clear the way for what wants to
happen next. A great way to Just Keep Growing.

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