Your One Thing

In one of my favorite movies, City Slickers, Mitch (Billy Crystal) sets out in search of the meaning of life. Mitch was in the midst of  what we called a midlife crisis in the nineties.  It was a thing.  Everybody was having them.  
So greenhorn Mitch embarks on a cattle drive to contemplate the meaning of life.

 Desperate for answers, Mitch turns to Curly (Jack Palance)  a hard-core cowboy to see if he can shed some light on the true meaning of life. 

A man of few words, Curly holds up one finger.  And says, “This.”  

“Your Finger?” Mitch gasps.“One thing.  Just one thing.  You stick to that and the rest don’t mean XXXX.”  
“But what is the “one thing?”  Mitch implores. 
“That’s what you have to find out.” Curly replies.

Shortly after imparting his wisdom, Curly dies.  Yep. Just like that.  Curly up and dies leaving Mitch to continue his quest for the meaning of his life.  His quest for his One Thing.  

May 2024 be your year to focus on Your One Thing.  

It’s Curly’s law.